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Lower School (K-5th grade)

Highlands serves even the youngest of children who have learning differences or achievement gaps. We specialize in equipping these young learners with strategies that lead to success and most importantly allow them to regain their confidence. Early detection and intervention are vital. The sooner you can begin a new direction in your child’s education, the more success he/she will have.

In our Lower School, classes have a maximum of 12 students, with one teacher and one teaching assistant. The students receive daily classroom instruction in Mind That’s Mine, Science, Social Studies, and Social Confidence, weekly instruction in Art and Music, and Physical Education three times per week. Our mixed grade classrooms utilize national and Maryland curriculum standards, with instruction focused on learning the subject as much as learning how to learn.

Students spend half of each day in small group instruction (2 to 4 students per instructor) in Phonics, Comprehension, and Math. All subjects are taught in our signature sequential and multisensory approach. In Phonics, students work on phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, handwriting, and grammar by utilizing methods such as Orton-Gillingham and LindaMood Bell. Math instruction is completely individualized and multisensory. In Comprehension, we emphasize vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Lower School students participate weekly in our Hands on Highlands program. This quarterly, rotating program engages students in hands-on learning, activates their critical thinking, and immerses them in a project-based curriculum in the following areas: Growing Greater (agriculture/horticulture), Building Today (woodworking), Tasting Success (cooking and nutrition), and Lego Robotics.

"Highlands has helped our daughter by teaching her in ways she learns best. They look to understand what works for her and use those strengths to bring out her best self. They work on social aspects along with academics making for a well-rounded learning experience."

LisaLower School Parent