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Notification of Intent to Donate Stocks/Securities

Stocks/Securities Donations

When you give The Highlands School a publicly traded security (stock, bond, or mutual fund) that has appreciated in value and been held for more than one year, you will receive an income tax deduction in the amount of the security’s mean value on the date of transfer. You will also avoid capital gains tax on the security’s appreciation. The specific federal and state income tax treatment of donated securities varies with individual circumstances. It is important to consult an attorney or other tax advisor about your particular situation.
Necessary Account Information – must be provided with each gift.
The Highlands School’s Federal Tax ID #: 52-1849251
How to give securities held by your broker or banker:
  • Instruct the custodian in writing specifying the securities you are giving to The Highlands School and the designation of the gift.
  • Send a copy of this letter to the Development Office, which will contact that custodian about the disposition of the securities.

This form is intended to facilitate your donation of securities that can be transferred to The Highlands School electronically. For securities that cannot be transferred electronically, such as physical stock certificates, please call us at 410-8361415. We will happily work with you or your financial advisor to effect their transfer.

Donated Security Amount

Securities Information

Donor Information