Our Mind Jump Summer Academic Program will give a jump start on the demands of the upcoming school year so that your child’s confidence can soar!

Mind Jump Summer Program

June 28th - July 30th

Our 5-week program meets daily for half days and includes:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Multisensory Phonics
  • Hands-on Math
  • Fun, engaging activities
  • Brain Break Games

Students in 2nd through 12th grade will:

  • learn in small groups of 2-3 students
  • increase phonics knowledge
  • develop comprehension strategies
  • strengthen math skills

We use a structured, sequential, individualized instruction tailored to each child’s unique learning style.

There is a $2875 fee for participation in Mind Jump. If you sign up before April 6th, save 5% with our Early Bird discount and pay only $2731.25.

Summer Schedule


Early Arrival


Jump Start Homeroom


Phonics: Decoding and Fluency


Snack and Break




Mind Jump Activities


Comprehension, Written Expression



For an additional cost, the Y offers their very best enrichment camps here at The Highlands School for before and after care. Visit https://ymaryland.org/programs/camps/registernow

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Mind Jump Agreement Requirements

  1. The payment of all summer tuition amounts when due is a precondition to any obligation of the School to provide educational instruction to the Student. Tuition for the Mind Jump Summer Program is two thousand eight hundred seventy-five dollars ($2,875).
  2. Any Evaluation Fee paid on behalf of the Student is in addition to tuition and will not be credited to the amount of tuition due for the Student. The Evaluation Fee is non-refundable.
  3. The undersigned accept as unconditional, their obligation to pay the tuition for the full Mind Jump summer program. In the case of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal of the Student after May 2, Mind Jump tuition is non-refundable.
  4. The undersigned agree to accept the rules and regulations of the School. The School reserves the right to discipline or dismiss the Student when, in the sole opinion of the Administration, the School's or the Student's best interest lies in the disciplinary action or the dismissal. Additionally, the School reserves the right to suspend or dismiss the Student if the Student's conduct is in violation of the School's code of conduct.
If your child has not been assessed by The Highlands School after Dec 1, 2020, an assessment, with a $75 fee, is required.
Price: $ 2,875.00

Total Due

$ 0.00
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